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For the past four years, before our rebranding to The Link Canada, the residents of London, Ontario knew our publication as London Link Magazine (www.londonlinkmag.com). Eventually, due to a number of national and international contributors and widely shared articles, the name London Link Magazine was established as a brand, nationally and internationally.

London Link Magazine logo

London Link Magazine logo

Where did we come from?

Throughout the years, London Link Magazine has carried positive and promising stories of inspiring Canadian Muslims who have made a mark in their professional lives and communities. Our work included articles and features on change-makers and role models who have participated in the positively shaping Canadian economy with their unique contributions.

We, at London Link Magazine, have interviewed notable Canadian change-makers like: Zarqa Nawaz — the creator of The Little Mosque on the Prairie, Hanny Hassan — recipient of The Order of Canada, Mohammed Ashour of McGill University — winner of the Hult Prize, Mohammed Hage — of Lufa Rooftop Farms, and Haroon Siddiqui — former journalist for The Toronto Star, to name a few. Our contributors have also interviewed well-known Muslim international figures like Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, and Peter Gould — and many more. The publication has also carried the work of honorable Muslims like Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed — more specifically in our RIS (Reviving The Islamic Spirit) Special Issues. Among the likes of the RIS Special Issue, we have taken out numerous special issues as well. These include the Motherhood Special Issue, Ramadan Issues, and our annual Anniversary Issues.

However, even with all our progress, London Link Magazine was only just a local magazine. With the opportunity to expand — and a global readership already in place — our team made the decision to serve our current and future readers even better through an online blog.

What do we believe in? And why is it important?

We strongly believe that The Link Canada fills a gap in the growing Canadian-Muslim sphere. The blog plays a vital role as a tool of dawah that allows writers, artists and everyday Canadians to portray the positivity of Islam and Muslims through their stories and contributions. As these are challenging times for Muslims, we need a professional outlet to support our voices, concerns and our own dynamics — an outlet that functions under mainstream standards.

This online platform aims to inspire, motivate and push the youth to excellence in their field and most importantly, take a unifying step forward in the field of media and journalism. We envision that The Link Canada will follow in the path of London Link Magazine and continue to show Muslims in a positive light — all by celebrating and highlighting Muslim contributions — some of which are unfortunately overlooked. In the long run, we wish for The Link Canada to become a source of positive narratives for anyone interested to learn about Canadian Muslims (and Muslims abroad) and their contributions to their communities.

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