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The Incompetent Doctor

As someone who’s been involved with the Muslim-American community at various levels — both national and grassroots — I’ve experienced a diversity of mindsets first-hand that many in the Muslim-American community have. I’ve categorized them into five mindsets — and when talking to people about these mindsets...


Building A Home: An Interview with Iqra Khalid

It is that much sweeter when you build a home as opposed to just moving into one. A force for change, newly elected MP Iqra Khalid did not let institutional barriers prevent her from being elected to represent Mississauga Erin Mills in Parliament. Rather she used...


A Photographer’s Perspective: Qurrat A’yun Studios

Qurrat A’yun Studios started as my escape from the sterile, suffocating dungeons of University of Toronto’s Engineering department. Whenever I had some time I would grab my little Canon point-and-shoot and photograph anything I could — puddles, my brothers, my jewellery. Some brave investments later, my...