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A Photographer’s Perspective: Qurrat A’yun Studios

Qurrat A’yun Studios started as my escape from the sterile, suffocating dungeons of University of Toronto’s Engineering department. Whenever I had some time I would grab my little Canon point-and-shoot and photograph anything I could — puddles, my brothers, my jewellery. Some brave investments later, my...


Shattering Glass Ceilings: Q&A with Farheen Khan

In light of recent events, it has become more apparent that we live in a world where minorities are often discriminated based on the simplest of qualities: gender, image, dress, skin colour. So what happens when you’re a hijab-clad woman of South-Asian descent running for MP? You make...


Tips for Spring: The Fashion Caravan

If you’re currently living through (or have lived through) a Canadian winter, there’s one thing you know we’re all eagerly waiting for… SPRING! Spring is currently playing the “hard to get” game and seems to really be enjoying the chase. And some like myself have also been in denial and...