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Abstract Painting Class by Nadia Janjua

Art Beat: Think Like an Artist

Often, in various settings where I am teaching art workshops, I’ll hear the phrase “but I’m not an artist!” to which I always respond, “everyone is an artist, you just have to start thinking like one!” If I were to describe in the simplest way how one...

Milo Productions!

How foreign are you?

Have you ever had that uncanny feeling that you have already been in a completely unfamiliar place? Or, in the midst of quite an ordinary situation, the order of events (or maybe the people) make you do the double take of déjà vu? Today’s political climate, the...


An Artist’s Perspective: Abdullah Ishaque

  I took this photo in Banff, Alberta during a 10K cross country ski route along the Spray River. Along the trail, we were towered by tall, frosted mountains as they watched over us and temperatures fell below -30C. It was afternoon, but the mountains cast...