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315 NISA: A Helpline for Muslim Women

Last year the Muslim Women’s Helpline, 315 NISA, received approximately 4000 calls from across Canada and the United States. The counsellors began every call with their usual greeting, “This is 315 NISA, what would you like to speak about today?” With their warm demeanour and professional...


The Incompetent Doctor

As someone who’s been involved with the Muslim-American community at various levels — both national and grassroots — I’ve experienced a diversity of mindsets first-hand that many in the Muslim-American community have. I’ve categorized them into five mindsets — and when talking to people about these mindsets...

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Have My Back: Reflections on Backbiting

You know that feeling upon entering a room and realizing that you were just being spoken of? Everyone has experienced this moment. The real question is however: should we only be feeling this way or do we perhaps make others feel this way too? I remember as...