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Smart choices make healthy food affordable

Many Canadian Muslims worry that eating healthy is too expensive. In fact, this worry is so widespread that many families assume healthier grocery choices will be detrimental to their family budget and are not practical. When making major family decisions – such as the quality of food...


Lin’s Ethical Eats: Choosing Local

Besides making my diet a little bit more ethical by consuming less meat and more greens, I also try to eat locally and according to what’s in season. By doing this, I’m contributing less to the carbon footprint produced when food is shipped from outside of...

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Delicious Summer Treats | Chocolates & Chai

Something you may not know about me is that I spent a good part of my childhood in France. And I have many fond memories of Paris — studying there, working there, constantly forgetting the French word for “duck” (it’s “canard” by the way), exploring cobbled...

Miso Udon

Lin’s Vegetarian Recipes

Spending time in the kitchen is always fun for me and making healthy and delicious food has been my passion since I was young. Recently I’ve been on a quest to make my diet healthier and more ethical by eating less meat and incorporating more greens....

Lemon Fettuccine with Garlic Shrimps

Comfort Food: Fettuccine and Nutella

Here’s something food bloggers should never say out loud: Eating is NOT my favourite part of a meal. The truth is, my favourite part of a meal is sharing it with those I love. Here are a couple of recipes that I love to cook for (and...

Baked Paprika Tilapia

Healthy Recipes: Cooking With Thas

If you’re looking for some delicious and totally healthy meals this Spring, Thasneen from Cooking with Thas has got you covered with her unique selection of recipes. Be sure to try the these good-for-you meals and leave a comment below!