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The Salam Shop crew!

Spreading the Salam

The sweet smell of gardenia with a hint of lavender lingers in the air. A color palette that is pleasing to the eye reminds us of a vintage tea party. The soft sounds of Maher Zain singing “Assalamu alayka ya Rasool Allah” bring coolness to the ears....


Tips for Spring: The Fashion Caravan

If you’re currently living through (or have lived through) a Canadian winter, there’s one thing you know we’re all eagerly waiting for… SPRING! Spring is currently playing the “hard to get” game and seems to really be enjoying the chase. And some like myself have also been in denial and...


An Interview with Walid Hejazi

Islamic Finance refers to banking and monetary practices adhering to Islamic or Sharia law. As such, it bans interest payments, certain market speculations, and investment in products not believed to be ‘halal‘ – such as gambling, pornography, alcohol, and pork. It is practiced by the bulk...