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Shabbar Manek (L) and Shums Kassam (R)- the brains behind ILM (Innovate, Lead, Mobilize)

ILM Innovation Weekend

Whether it’s as simple as not having many Halal restaurants that deliver food to our doorsteps or as serious as having to seek ways to address rising Islamophobia, the Muslim community experiences a wide range of problems. While many people may not see it this way,...

The power couple behind Mode-ste: Aicha and Bilal

The Inspiration Behind Mode-ste

In an increasingly competitive ready-to-wear market,Mode-ste has dived right in, redefining what fashionable, affordable and versatile clothing means. Mode-ste focuses on creating clothing that lays fashion at its frontier and establishes modesty as a framework for the brand. “The design aesthetic encompasses an oversized, voluminous fit...

The Salam Shop crew!

Spreading the Salam

The sweet smell of gardenia with a hint of lavender lingers in the air. A color palette that is pleasing to the eye reminds us of a vintage tea party. The soft sounds of Maher Zain singing “Assalamu alayka ya Rasool Allah” bring coolness to the ears....