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Abstract Painting Class by Nadia Janjua

Art Beat: Think Like an Artist

Often, in various settings where I am teaching art workshops, I’ll hear the phrase “but I’m not an artist!” to which I always respond, “everyone is an artist, you just have to start thinking like one!” If I were to describe in the simplest way how one...

4 Quls Set of 4 / 12x12 inches each / Acrylic on Canvas

An Artist’s Perspective: Sehar Shahzad

What captivated me when I first started calligraphy was the amount of detail and intricacy in the graceful letters used to glorify the word of God. I had been painting and drawing since I was a child, but the pull towards calligraphy was so natural that...

Ya Wadud - Framed, By: Nadia J. Art

Art Beat: Love is a Give & Take

As an artist, I believe it is my role to express and interpret the breadth of human experience, as well as elevate discourse about social issues within my particular frame of reference. With my art, I seek answers to questions about what our society is able...