Author: Zenia S.


Beyond the Music: Dawud Wharnsby

At the Al-Imtiaz Academy in Abbottabad, Pakistan, students gather for their morning classes. This is where world-renowned songwriter, Dawud Wharnsby, his wife Ayesha and their three daughters can be found for about three months each year. Wharnsby sponsors the Academy through the royalties of his musical...


315 NISA: A Helpline for Muslim Women

Last year the Muslim Women’s Helpline, 315 NISA, received approximately 4000 calls from across Canada and the United States. The counsellors began every call with their usual greeting, “This is 315 NISA, what would you like to speak about today?” With their warm demeanour and professional...


I want to engage in psychotherapy but…

A teenager with obsessive-compulsive disorder is not allowed to see a psychotherapist because her parents fear that it will affect their reputation. The stress from her OCD causes her to experience heart palpitations and breathing problems. A young woman on antidepressants knows that psychotherapy would help...

Food for the soul

The Value of Dhikr

When we look at the lives of the sahaba (the companions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ), we commonly see extraordinary displays of strength. Abbad ibn Bishr (ra) was once praying when an enemy arrow shot him. He removed the arrow and continued his prayer only to be shot...

Photo Credit: Freepik

Embracing Mental Health

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of The Link Canada publication. A while back I had a cold and was told by a friend that the reason for my sickness was because someone had put the...

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