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SMILE-Bowling Blog

Smile and Help Smile

The human tapestry is an amazing creation. We come in all colours, shapes, sizes and forms and this diversity is the secret behind the staggering beauty of our species. Though we are not all created equal we all have it in us to be our personal...


The Incompetent Doctor

As someone who’s been involved with the Muslim-American community at various levels — both national and grassroots — I’ve experienced a diversity of mindsets first-hand that many in the Muslim-American community have. I’ve categorized them into five mindsets — and when talking to people about these mindsets...

The Salam Shop crew!

Spreading the Salam

The sweet smell of gardenia with a hint of lavender lingers in the air. A color palette that is pleasing to the eye reminds us of a vintage tea party. The soft sounds of Maher Zain singing “Assalamu alayka ya Rasool Allah” bring coolness to the ears....