Building A Home: Iqra Khalid

Read more about one of the first Muslim women to become a part of Canada’s Parliament

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Nisa Homes: A Safe Space

The incredible work of Nisa Homes — and why it’s so necessary

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The Man Behind Paramount Fine Foods

Read more of our exclusive interview with Mohamed Fakih, CEO of Paramount Fine Foods!

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Smart choices make healthy food affordable!

If you ever thought eating healthy meant breaking the bank — you thought wrong…

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Qurrat A'yun Studios

What makes Qurrat A’yun Studios different from others? Find out!

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Beyond the Music: Dawud Wharnsby

At the Al-Imtiaz Academy in Abbottabad, Pakistan, students gather for their morning classes. This is where world-renowned songwriter, Dawud Wharnsby, his wife Ayesha and their three daughters can be found for about three months each year. Wharnsby sponsors the Academy through the royalties of his musical...


315 NISA: A Helpline for Muslim Women

Last year the Muslim Women’s Helpline, 315 NISA, received approximately 4000 calls from across Canada and the United States. The counsellors began every call with their usual greeting, “This is 315 NISA, what would you like to speak about today?” With their warm demeanour and professional...


Exploring the Water: Nader Khan

From grade one, Nader Khan knew where his talents lay. Like future engineers take interest in taking apart electronics and piecing them together again, Nader Khan would take songs, deconstruct them and then perform it live with his own flair. Nader — originally from India (but...


The Fashion Conscience

Fall is my favourite season for many reasons. For starters, I was born in September so there’s a slight bias there. My second reason is the same as many of yours — FALL FASHION! As changing seasons certainly mean changing fashion trends, this October I gained not just the...


The History of Muslims in Canada

In 2015, Canada Day fell in the middle of Ramadan (the most sacred month of the lunar Islamic calendar) for the first time in about thirty years. The last time that happened, the Muslim population of Canada numbered just around 100,000 people (about 0.38% of the...


The Incompetent Doctor

As someone who’s been involved with the Muslim-American community at various levels — both national and grassroots — I’ve experienced a diversity of mindsets first-hand that many in the Muslim-American community have. I’ve categorized them into five mindsets — and when talking to people about these mindsets...

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